REVOLUTIO360 is a system that generates a 3D computational model by scanning objects with a commercial stereo camera.

The resulting model is suitable for 3D printing.

Three main areas apply:

  • Health
  • Sports
  • Industrial

how everything works ?
Photograph the Object with a stereo camera

Take a few snapshots around the object using the provided stereo camera. No pattern is required plus it is a laser free system.

Import the photos into the REVOLUTIO360 software

Based on pre-defined calibration parameters, the software will compute a 3D point cloud for each snapshot.

REVOLUTIO360 will generate a combined 360º point cloud

All point clouds are combined into one 360º dense point cloud. This registration process is fully automated. No interaction is required.

Now you have a 360º mesh to use as you wish

The software generates a 360º mesh. It is possible to add textures. Export full resolution OBJ, PLY and other standard 3D file formats.

Health edition of Revolutio360 is mainly addressed to babies with cranial deformities like positional plagiocephaly.

One of the current treatments are by the use of a custom made helmet that redirects skull growth to the flattened areas.

Revolutio360 proposes a harmless process to create this helmet by scanning the head of the baby with a stereo camera.

Sports Edition of Revolutio360 addresses sport related guards (eg. shin guards, elbows guards or even face protectors).

With this edition you can generate personalized 3D models based on your own legs, elbows, etc, and generate custom made sports guards models thus optimizing confort and security.

Industry Edition of Revolutio360 is aimed at industrial applications like the shoemaking industry.

With this edition you can produce a range of footwear 3D models, including shoes, boots, sandals, clogs and moccasins.

Project Box

Rua das Camélias, 60
3515-160 Viseu, Portugal

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